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Help! My Girlfriend Changes DP & Uploads Selfies At Least Twice A Day


Help! My Girlfriend Changes DP & Uploads Selfies At Least Twice A Day

Have been dating my gf for six months now and for real i love her…
She is a banker and we met at the bank too… And sincerely she is pretty..

The issue at hand is she is always changing her dp on whatsapp and she keeps uploading selfies on fb and i am beginning to think she is seeking attention or trying to impress someone cos she is quite aware i dont like it.. ..

I have discussed it over with her more than four times yet she keeps doing this and has vowed never to stop … As i write this piece 9:17AM she has changed her whatsapp dp twice ( one pic this morning at the office and the other one she had Before leaving the house).. We dont stay in same state though

Pls i need mature conttibutions on what and how exactly to tackle this and what could probably be the reason behind this
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