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UBA Lifts Ban, Says You Can Use Your Card On Any Site


UBA Lifts Ban, Says You Can Use Your Card On Any Site

Sequel to this post earlier on about UBA Bans The Use Of Its ATM Cards For Betting, Porn, Dating And Escort Services.

Dear Esteemed Customer,

In our relentless bid to continuously provide excellent services to our customers, we work hard to protect your transactions and Identity.

We recently sent you correspondence indicating that your cards would be protected from certain risky sites.

We have listened to you and have heard that this is not in line with your expectations. We have immediately made adjustments accordingly.

Please be informed that all sites have been unblocked and you can now transact on any platform globally that you would like to whilst we continue to provide surveillance on some high risk activity points to protect your transactions.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will continue to work hard to serve you better.


Bola Atta

Group Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications

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