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Police Arrest Two Men And A Lady For Having Sex On A Street In Lagos


Police Arrest Two Men And A Lady For Having Sex On A Street In Lagos

The police have arrested two men and a lady over reasonable suspicion that they constituted nuisance by attempting to have sex on the street of Lagos. The suspects, a lady, Blessing Uche and two other male partners, Dennis Amos and Blessing Awobiyi were caught at a black spot in the evening at Isolo area of Lagos where they gathered to engage in illicit activities.

It was that the residents who were worried over the activities of some people in the area had earlier reported to the police on what was going on there which the residents believed constituted threat to peace in the whole environment.

However, unknown to the suspects who had gathered there, the police detectives who were on surveillance in the area raided there, arrested the suspects and detained at the police station.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the police alleged the suspects were armed robbers who had converged there to embark on a robbery operation.

It was then the suspects denied, opened up and confessed that they were there for sexual activities, drugs and nothing more.

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