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Bauchi college of education says NO to hot pants, miniskirts, bikini


Bauchi college of education says NO to hot pants, miniskirts, bikini

Bauchi college of education says NO to hot pants, miniskirts, bikini

The management of the Bauchi State College of Education, Kangare, has banned tight-fitted clothes and other revealing wears.

Tight-fitted clothes such as tight pair of trousers, mini-skirts, blouses and other body revealing ones are no longer accepted by the institution, according to Garba Kirfi, provost of the college.

Kirfi told NAN that the school would soon issue a new dress code to the students of the institution.
He said authorities discovered that the female students are now wearing hot pants, miniskirts, bikini and other indecent dresses in and around the college.

“We are coming out with a new dress code. The students affairs division is working on that,” he said.
“We also have some elders of Kangare community who have volunteered to make billboards for us, and possibly by the end of this semester our dress code policy will come into effect.

“People will not be allowed to even enter the gate if they are not properly dressed.

“We have been working with religious organisations and the students union to sensitise the students, but as you can see, one or two students who are stubborn are still wearing such dresses.”

He also asserted that different pictures depicting indecent and decent clothing would be showcased on the billboards.

“That is the universality we are talking about, not to wear hot pants, miniskirts or a boy wearing ‘show me your pant’ but if he is wearing three quarter trouser provided that it is wide enough, there is no problem.
“We are working on that and it will soon come into effect by the end of the semester. We are also going to distribute handbills in hostels, lecture theatres, libraries, laboratories and others so that they can know that we are serious.”
He said all heads of department and units would also be directed to enforce proper dressing code for students at all times before they admit them into offices and other facilities.


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