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I want to grab a Grammy, says Oritse Femi


I want to grab a Grammy, says Oritse Femi

I want to grab a Grammy, says Oritse Femi

“Grabbing a Grammy” and taking his craft to the international level are the next accomplishments on the priority table of ‘Double Wahala’ singer, Oritse Femi.

The singer who has been active in the music scene for over 12 years described winning a Grammy as his “biggest goal”.

“My biggest struggle in the music industry today is that I’m looking forward to that international level and try to grab the Grammy,” Oritse Femi told Africa Magic in an interview.
“As you all know, that is the biggest goal every artiste looks forward to.”

Asked about his musical influences, he said, “my music inspiration is Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I think he’s a great man and inspired a lof youth”.

The singer went on to describe his 2013 hit song ‘Double Wahala’ as his “breakthrough” song, saying it thrust him into the spotlight.
Oritse Femi said: “I think my biggest breakthrough was when I released the ‘Double Wahala’ sound. It actually pulled me out to the limelight to where I am today — and I’m so excited to be where I am today.”
The theme song of the third edition of reality TV show, BBNaija, is a remix of Oritse Femi’s original song. The show’s theme also bears the name ‘Double Wahala’.

The singer performed at the live eviction show of BBNaija held on Sunday.

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